How To Wash Your Dakimakura

How to wash dakimakura is a big problem many anime body pillow owners face. Now,  here’s the comprehensive guide:

Step 1: Turn Over Your Dakimakura

  • Remove the cover carefully to avoid tearing it.
  • Flip it over, so as not to scratch the printed side of your waifu
  • Remember: tighten the zipper.

Step 2: Hand Washing Would Be Better

The dakimakura cover is delicate. Do not use the washing machine, but carefully and gently wash it by hand.

Step 3: No Bleach

Unlike a normal duvet cover, never let bleach off your daki if you want to take care of your waifu.

Step 4: Neutral Detergent

Put detergent and softener in the basin to wash the dakimakura. Remember the neutral detergent.

Step 5: Take A Bath With My Sister♪

  • Put your Dakimakura in warm water, preferably leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
  • Pour out the dirty water, soak in new water, and wash off the detergent.
  • Be gentle if you rub too much, it will scratch.

Step 6: Dehydrate♪

No dryer to prevent damage. Dehydrate the dakimakura. If you are absolutely worried, you can use a large towel (bath towel, etc.) and gently tap to absorb the water.

Step 7: Inside Or Outside?it’s Up To You

Dry in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

Hang it upside down if you hang it.


Have you got tips on how to wash your dakimakura? Come on, try to wash the body pillow with the tips above.

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