How does dakimakura work

As a hardcore dakimakura fan, do you know when does anime body pillow first shown in history?

If you are interested in dakimakura and Japanese culture, then here you are, is the right place for your dakiland journey!

Hugging pillows have existed in the Japanese culture for decades, mostly in the form of oversized stuffed animals and character merchandises for children and adolescent.

However during the 1990s, a distinctly adult-themed subset of pillows known as “body pillows” or “dutch wives” became available as dakimakura began to intertwine with the Otaku culture, leading to the production of pillow covers featuring graphic prints of bishōjo and bishonen characters from popular anime and video games, and even life-size photographs of adult film stars.

Many of the early Otaku body pillows were distributed through Cospa, a Japanese character merchandise retail chain. Later as the dakimakura culture spreads, the requirements also become more strict, and that’s why we founded Casemaka, a company formed by a bunch of Japanese anime super fans who fall in love deeply in the anime world, and dedicated to spread the daki culture to the globe.

If you wanna to know more about dakimakura and anime waifu pillow, check out our homepage to find out more.

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