What Is Dakimakura

Owning an anime dakimakura has gradually become a trend of Generation Z. 

This is the most complete guide to dakimakura online.

So if you want to

  • What’s dakimakura mean
  • how dakimakura come from
  • Why do people buy dakimakura?
  •  Where to buy a nice dakimakura?
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These are super simple:

What is dakimakura 

The Dakimakura, formed from the Japanese word “daki (抱き)”  and “makura(枕)”, which means “ to embrace or cling”, and “pillow”. Maybe it’s more appropriate to call it “orthopedic body pillows”, being security objects in Japanese youth.

Most of the dakimakura(body pillow covers) feature printed images of “bishojo”(beautiful girl) and “bishonen”(young boy) in lying poses from anime or games.

How dakimakura come from

The dakimakura began to intertwine with Otaku culture during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

And the Otaku culture is associated with Japanese individuals who are obsessed with some entertainment like manga, anime, comic books, as well as an animated film and television series.

Various items like dakimakura have been manufactured because of the widespread popularity of these entertainment products.

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Why people buy dakimakura

1.Providing comfort, a sort of emotional support to people, which would be understood as a “security blanket” in the Western world;

2.The dakimakura is a body pillow with a twist. Providing relief from the pain associated with pressure points such as those that occur in your knees, elbows, hips, and back.

Generally, the body pillow would provide your body with remarkable relief and comfort throughout a night’s sleep. 

For more, you can read :

Where to buy dakimakura

  • Local anime stores, such as Akihabara in Japan. However, for many people, it is very inconvenient to go to the local store to buy.
  • Dakimakura online store, like Casemaka. No matter where you are when you want to buy,  even custom the dakimakura you like, we can meet your needs. Free shipping all over the world.

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