Dakimakura Material: The Definitive Guide 2020

Most newbies will confuse the Dakimakura fabric while buying an anime Dakimakura pillow.  Here’s the most complete guide to dakimakura material online in 2020. 

4 fabrics for dakimakura comparison:

  • Peach skin
  • Smooth Knit
  • Japanese Textile
  • 2 Way Tricot(2wt)

Below are the details:

Peach Skin:

  1. Great picture print quality, second only to 2WT.
  2. Cheap. Cheapest and most basic, it must be adored by your wallet!
  3. Durable. Doesn’t rip or fade.


  1. Inelastic. Doesn’t stretch. It’s troublesome for your Dakimakura pillow core.
  2. The too hard texture doesn’t soft. Like the outer layer of waterproof sportswear or jacket, the worst individual feels with a Dakimakura.
  3. Too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Lose the basic fun with a Dakimakura: hugging it.

Trust me, after one week, you will begin to regret buying this peach skin Dakimakura pillow.


Smooth Knit

  1. Anti-wrinkle, anti-bacterial, and dirt-resistant.
  2. Fairly smooth, good vertical touch


  1. Low picture print quality, however, it’s absolutely acceptable to individuals;
  2. Poor elasticity.Only one direction to be stretched. It’s very difficult if your Dakimakura pillow cotton is abundant;
  3. Poor warmth.

Personally, I will recommend smooth knit Dakimakura over peach skin ones. It’s probably the most common for officially licensed goods and at a good price, not too expensive.


Japanese Textile

This Dakimakura material is a step up from peach skin but still the average Joe of the group. While it doesn’t excel in any particular area, it doesn’t disappoint either. Picture printing quality is quite good, but when referring to softness, even peach skin fabric can beat it.


2 Way Tricot(2wt)


  1. High print precision;
  2. Elasticity and stretch. Very easy to set the Dakimakura pillow. I can say it’s the best in elasticity and stretch of all Dakimakura fabric;
  3. Softest. You will feel delicate, comfortable, and soft when you touch it, just like hugging your waifu;
  4. No static electricity, no wrinkling; The 2Way Tricot fabric produced for the Dakimakura pillow is wrinkle-free and elastic in nature.
  5. Best warmth. Hugging the body pillow just like hugging your real lover.


  1. A little expensive. As all know that the cheap buyer takes bad meat. I’d definitely say it’s worth the premium you pay over other materials for dakimakura.
  2. Low durability. Mainly manifested in easy to dirty, easy to hook silk when using the Dakimakura rough. In other words, Why are you willing to spoil your waifu?

Someone says the 2WayTricot(2WT) is God among Gods!! It has the best picture quality, silk skin touch, texture, and elasticity in nature. So far, 2 WayTricot(2WT) is largely considered the best fabric available for a Dakimakura pillow.

In general, 2WT is the most suitable fabric for anime pillows. Whether it is comfort, printing clarity, or wrinkle-free, 2WT is the best.


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