Why You Should Choose Casemaka

Not everybody knows Casemaka, yet, even though we have been manufacturing for independent clients and OEM suppliers from Japan for over 5 years. For some reason, we want to make some change, offering the best Dakimakura with best price directly to our customers.

What Is Casemaka?

Casemaka.com is the best online shopping retailer website for anime body pillow. It’s formed by a bunch of Japanese anime super fans, who fall in love deeply in the anime world.

We find anime dakimakura so adorable, and this hobby is quite different from others: it makes us feel warm, happy, and not lonely anymore just like our Waifu is always by our side. We satisfy ourselves by using the most comfortable, softest, elastic fabric to make the dakimakura, and we also want to share the love with others.

That’s why we created Casemaka, pronounced as Japanese word ケースメーカー, wishing everyone make a case for their lovely dakimakura. Making the best anime/mango dakimakura with the greatest fabric(2-Way Tricot). If you haven’t tried hugging a dakimakura, it will definitely be the right time for you to try one now and we are sure you will fall in love as we do 😛

Why Choose Us?

  • Experience: We have been manufacturing for independent clients and OEM suppliers from Japan for over 5 years, making wholesale authentic high quality of Japanese anime/manga dakimakura all over the world.
  • Reliable: We have been commissioned as a company to produce great quality of dakimakura prints, not only for retail and business OEM suppliers clients, but also for independent designer artists and anime studios.
  • Private label: We also have our own brand “Casemaka” to sell directly to retail customers via online stores, with the same high level of quality and customer service.

We hope every Dakimakura fan has the opportunity to hug a wonderful waifu. Casemaka maybe the best one to fulfill your dream.

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