Why You Should Have A Dakimakura

If you are new to the Dakiland, you might have wondered: why are people so into dakimakuras?

Honestly, dakimakuras could seem to be a very embarrassing topic even among the anime community.

1. Heal Loneliness

We, as humans, are a social animal so for the few of us who aren’t both men and women need a sense of comfort and companionship, and that’s exactly what dakimakura is made for. What’s better than having one of your favorite anime characters or anime crushes to hug and cuddle with.

2. Reduce Pain Of Back And Body

As someone who suffers from many physical issues or has problems sleeping due to sharp body pains, a soft and skin-touching dakimakura can definitely reduce the awful feeling and helps you fall asleep faster.

3. Decorative Your Room

If your are looking to turn your bedroom into an otakus paradise, the dakimakura makes a great decoration. Having almost life size artwork of a certain character really makes your room and anime collection stand out. Who doesn’t want a room full of love.

4. Shhhh…Secret Reason

A lot of you probably already know that a lot of dakimakuras have either a half-naked or completely undressed version of the character on the opposite side of the pillowcase and for the few of you who want some alone time with a certain anime character than the dakimakura is definitely for you, the photos online don’t do justice when it comes to the amount of detail in the artwork.

Nevertheless, having a dakimakura is quite a normal thing, and we hope every anime fan can have their loved ones always by their side.

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