Alisa Ilyinichn Amiella

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (Алиса Ильиничина Амиэлла) (Alisa Ilynichna Omela, in the Japanese version, Алиса Ильинична Омела) is a character introduced in God Eater. In God Eater 2, she joins Cradle along with Lindow, Soma, and the Protagonist.


Alisa has unkempt gray hair topped by a red beret. She wears a short, sleeveless black jacket that covers her chest with the zipper only halfway closed from up to down, exposing her midriff and some cleavage and a checkered red skirt. She uses black, fingerless gloves, the left of which extends to her elbow, and black thigh-length boots fill out the rather revealing ensemble she wears.



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