Karino Shuka – Darwin’s Game


  • Size: 160*50cm
  • Fabric: 2WAY Tricot
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How We Make The Perfect Dakimakura

How To Make Dakimakura, Casemaka make daki process

Why You Need A Dakimakura:

Sleeping with a dakimakura can relieve your pressure points and reduce the chances of back and neck pain; Hugging a dakimakura can make you feel warm and at ease. Because it can produce one kind of hormone called “Oxytocin”; Playing with a dakimakura can give you a lot of company, reduce your loneliness and give you enough security; For many anime fans, it is a spiritual pursuit in their lives, just like the waifu in dreams.No anime fan will regret buying a dakimakura!! It is a good gift, suitable for all ages, especially animation lovers. New fashion belongs to Gen-Z. Dakimakura gives a warm feeling and is currently becoming a common ornament for home use and decoration as well as a must-have item as car accessories.

Why ONLY 2WT Fabric, 160*50cm Dakimakura?

  • 2Way Tricot(2WT)

It is God among Gods for Dakimakura Waifu!! Best picture quality, silk skin touch, texture, and elastic in nature. So far, 2 WayTricot(2WT) is largely considered the best fabric available for a Dakimakura pillow. BTW, Authorized only produces 2WT material dakimakuras.

  • 160*50cm:

This size is the most suitable for Dakis, making the image of anime characters more realistic, like a real person standing in front of you.Authorized only produces 160*50cm anime pillowcase

Purchase Notice:

All dakimakuras in Casemaka Dakimakura Online Shop, are eligible for Free Worldwide Shipping  because we want to share this hobby around the globe. Each Dakimakura is hand-sewed & digitally printed , which usually requires 3-5 working days to produce. After that, the anime-hugging body pillows will be arranged for shipping. Please be patient and it will definitely be worth waiting. Life without a Dakimakura is imperfect! Get your waifu now on Casemaka and start your journey to the Dakiland!

Shipping & Returns

We ship via fast and trackable shipping services once completed your customized dakimakura. For more details on shipping, see the Contents below.

Delivery Time

1. Normal Airmail Delivery Schedule:

Area Shipping Time
United States: 7 to 14 business days.
Canada: 7 to 14 business days.
Europe: 7 to 14 business days
Asian & Australia: 4 to 17 business days
Mexico & South America: 12 – 25 business days
Middle East: 10 – 25 business days

2. EMS / UPS / DHL / FedEx Delivery Schedule:

Area Shipping Time
United States: 2 – 5 business days (up to 10 business days for Hawaii)
Canada: 2 – 5 business days
Europe: 1 – 6 business days
Asia: 1 – 4 business days
Australia: 2 – 6 business days
Mexico & South American: 4 – 7 business days
Middle East: 6 – 7 business days

*EMS shipping is highly recommended for these countries.

Returns Policy

All dakimakuras are customized products and quite personal belongings, once you book it, Casemaka pays a commission to artists who draw it, and then, begins to hand sewed & digitally printed. Generally, if it is not a quality issue, we do not accept returns. Please contact Casemaka customer service before returning.

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